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Our Events

From case competitions and development programs to volunteering initiatives and business socials, each event aims to foster growth and success within any Haskayne student. Whether you're seeking mentorship, meaningful connections, or simply looking to expand your skillsets, CUS events offer something for everyone.


Network with like-minded individuals and build connections that could lead to fruitful collaborations and partnerships. Embrace the chance to pitch your innovative ideas and receive constructive feedback from a supportive community.

To learn more, these are some of the previous events that CUS has hosted in the past:

Academic Events


Ernst & Young Leadership Development Program  (EYLDP)

EYLDP is a transformative five-day workshop designed to sharpen and refine your essential case competition skills. Throughout the program, you will engage in dynamic learning experiences, enabling you to excel in analyzing complex business cases and delivering compelling presentations.


Over the course of four intensive sessions, participants will analyze various business cases and present them in front of a panel of judges, who will provide constructive feedback to foster continuous improvement. The fifth (last) session is a genuine case competition among all the participants.

Case Competitions

Case Competitions

We thrive on the excitement of case competitions! From the prestigious Birchcliff Energy Oil and Gas to the challenging Sustainability Analytics Case Competition, we seize every chance to put our knowledge into action and foster a collaborative spirit within our team.

CUS also holds a dynamic Speaker Series, keeping us at the forefront of diverse topics each year. For example, during COVID-19, CUS examined the effect COVID-19 had on corporate cultures and business technology ethics.

Community Development Events


Volunteer Initiatives

CUS is deeply committed to making a positive impact in our local community. We participate in multiple community development and charity events to help local citizens. The events include: Community Cleanup, Blood Donation, Lunch is Love, Operation Christmas Child, Salvation Army, Food Bank, and Week of Giving.

Month of Giving

Month of Giving

Month of Giving is an annual initiative hosted by CUS to fundraise for new or continued charities every year. In previous years, we’ve hosted spin classes, paint nights, DIY terrarium nights, raffling, and more.


Dress and Dine

CPA Dress & Dine for Success

CPA Dress and Dine for Success will lead students on a path of discovery as to what is acceptable for different business situations. The evening kicks off with a networking session, followed by a captivating Keynote speech from a seasoned CPA and three expert speakers sharing invaluable insights on networking, etiquette, and dressing for success in the business world. Get inspired as a fashion show showcases workplace attire, and delight in a delectable dinner. Gain practical advice from real-world business scenarios and forge meaningful connections that will shape your future.


Year End Gala

The highly anticipated Year End Gala is an annual extravaganza cohosted by CUS and HSA, exclusively for all Haskayne undergraduate students. Join us as we celebrate the remarkable accomplishments and milestones achieved by the vibrant Haskayne clubs throughout the year.

Internal Events


Social Activities

We love to keep the spirit alive in our executive team! We enjoy bringing our team together to strengthen our interrelationships by holding internal events such as laser tag, camping, paintball, amusement parks, bowling, and picnics.

Internal Event

Haskayne Hut Operations

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