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Executive Team

Meet your 2023/2024 CUS Portfolio Representatives

Sierra Kapay

The President of CUS leads our team in achieving organizational goals, oversees meetings and administrative work, represents the student body, supports executive teams, and ensures a professional representation of the organization.

Eddie Dao

Eddie Dao

Vice President Academic

Jessica Pickford

Jessica Pickford

Vice President Community Development

Miral Zantout

Miral Zantout

Vice President Internal

The Vice President of Academic is responsible for overseeing various academic programs such as case competitions and speaker series, manages academic budgeting, securing event sponsorships, and providing guidance to team members. 

The Vice President of Community Development is responsible for overseeing community engagement and volunteering initiatives, managing the ComDev budget, securing event sponsorships, and providing guidance to team members. 

The Vice President of Internal is responsible for enhancing internal operations, coordinating internal events, managing the internal budget, running the recruitment process, and providing guidance to team members. 


Ethan Marjoram

Vice President Events


Angad Sidhu

Vice President Operations and Finance


Taylor Akerman

Vice President Marketing & Communications

The Vice President's of Events oversees the planning and execution of CUS events and interclub initiatives, collaborates with the Operations and Finance team for sponsorship, budgets, and HSC event approval, ensures smooth transitions, and provides guidance to team members.

The Vice President of Operations & Finance is responsible for managing budgets, financial policies, operations of the Haskayne Hut, locker rental management, ensuring documentation for transitions, and providing guidance to team members. 

The Vice President of Marketing & Communications develops strategies to promote the CUS brand image, ensures efficient marketing processes, maintains a professional representation of CUS, and provides guidance to team members. 


Interested in Joining the CUS Family?

Whether you aspire to shape unforgettable events, facilitate transformative workshops, or lead innovative initiatives, we have a diverse array of positions available that cater to your unique strengths and passions. As a member of the CUS, you'll be part of a supportive and collaborative environment, where your ideas and efforts will be valued and embraced. Explore our mission and discover the available positions below, and embark on a journey of personal growth, leadership development, and the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy on the thriving Haskayne community. 

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