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Join Haskayne CUS

Become a part of the largest association of students within the Haskayne School of Business. Join our club and gain access to a variety of resources to enhance your extracurricular learning.

Sr. Executive Positions

The President of CUS leads our team in achieving organizational goals, oversees meetings and administrative work, represents the student body, supports executive teams, and ensures a professional representation of the organization.


Every CUS Vice President has a unique portfolio role, yet all share key responsibilities. They collectively attend meetings, engage in events, volunteer, attend office hours in the communal Haskayne Hut, collaborate across portfolios, and ensure professional representation of the club. 


The application process for these positions start at the beginning of February, 2025.

Director Positions

CUS Directors, as part of the executive team, hold pivotal responsibilities which encompass attending executive and general meetings, as directed by the President, and portfolio-specific meetings organized by Vice Presidents. They engage by participating in a minimum of two CUS events or initiatives per semester and maintain a consistent presence during office hours in the communal Haskayne Hut. Furthermore, they collaborate effectively across portfolios, contribute to the organizational goals with a collaborative spirit, and maintain a professional image for CUS at all times. 


The application process for these positions start on March, 2025.

Associate Positions

CUS Associates take an active role within the organization by participating in key responsibilities such as attending both general and portfolio-specific meetings, engaging in CUS events and initiatives, collaborating closely with various portfolios and offering support, collaborating with Junior Executives to formulate event proposals, and embodying a team-focused mindset to achieve the organization's objectives. Additionally, Associates are expected to uphold a professional image for CUS during all interactions, maintaining the organization's reputation.

The application process for these positions start at the beginning of September, 2024.

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