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CUS Portfolios

At CUS, we believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork to ensure the seamless functioning of our vibrant community. To achieve this, we have carefully structured various portfolios, each playing a crucial role in driving our club's success. From event planning and execution to member engagement, each portfolio is responsible for different aspects that contribute to the dynamic and enriching experience of our members.

Speaking at a CUS event.


The Academic team is dedicated to enhancing the university experience for all Haskayne students by coordinating case competitions and leading the Ernst & Young Leadership Program. Students are presented with the opportunity to tackle real-world challenges, forge valuable connections through networking, and collaboratively operate within teams, thereby acquiring a diverse array of practical skills.

Community Development

The Community Development team is dedicated to making a positive impact on their local community through various volunteer initiatives and charity events. From supporting urban agriculture at Grow Calgary to saving lives through blood donation drives, from spreading joy during Operation Christmas Child to fighting hunger with Food Bank initiatives, and engaging in a Week of Giving filled with acts of kindness - the portfolio is committed to creating a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Community Development
Internal Team


The Internal team's mission is to cultivate strong interrelationships among club members and create a tight-knit community that thrives on camaraderie and connection. Through a series of exciting and engaging internal events, we bring students together for unforgettable experiences. From delightful brunches and dinners that offer a chance to unwind and socialize to creatively inspiring paint nights that spark joy and laughter - the portfolio plans an array of activities that suit diverse interests.


The Event's portfolio is committed to creating dynamic opportunities for the Haskayne community to connect and network with business professionals. Whether it's through their grand-scale events such as their impactful business conferences or interactive networking events, they are committed to providing all students with the ideal platform to engage with industry professionals. 


Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications Team is entrusted with strategizing and implementing a diverse range of initiatives to amplify the visibility of CUS events. Their mission encompasses elevating social media interaction, event promotion, fostering member communication,  revamping CUS' official website, and managing the CUS brand.

Operations and Finance

Also known as the Haskayne Hut Operations, the Operations and Finance Team is responsible for selling the Haskayne merchandiselocker rentals, and exam packages for MGST 391 and OPMA 317.

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